Well it’s not out yet but it is being built. 

Rick Bethune over at Checkered Pedals is very pleased with me and what kind of business I bring to his brand. We debuted the Nuclear Paradise pedal last summer and people paid attention to it. This past June, we released the Layers Of Time pedal, and while I haven’t been able to do a video for that yet, people are asking Rick and I about it. So that’s good, right?

On a whim, I wrote Rick and said “I have a crazy idea for a third pedal but you don’t need to do it right away.” Well, he took the ball and ran with it! Sent me two demo videos (in private of course) talking about the sounds and I would write back with my ideas. I am sure he is pulling his hair out because of my ridiculous demands, but he loves what he does, so that’s cool.

What’s this third pedal going to be like? As always, I don’t give too much away. But this will be a TRIPPY pedal. If you thought the Nuclear pedal was crazy, and the Layers pedal was cool, this will be BOTH and then some. I gave Rick an original idea for a two-sided pedal but one side worked, the other didn’t. Fine with me, so I came across a sound that was so funky, I said to Rick “What about this sound?” And he said “I can do that real quick, just watch!”

So how trippy will this pedal be?

Bootsy meets Hendrix.

That’s the most I will offer 😉