Not the most original or creative title but what the hell, right?

I am very thankful and appreciative of all the kind emails that have come my way regarding “What’s going on with the album?” and “Are you sure you won’t play live anymore?” Let me clear the air a bit, so pull up a chair…

Yes I was in a major funk for a while, and it was very scary. I had no desire to pick up my guitar except to give lessons with it. Teaching has been something that I’ve always enjoyed doing, mostly because I love seeing my students’ faces light up when they get a chord or riff under their fingers. It’s a very rewarding experience for both student and teacher.

Still, the pull of being on stage is there. It’s not as strong as it once was. I was pretty tapped out, and while I did say that I would no longer perform live, who am I kidding? I just don’t think I will play shows as much. Let’s be really blunt: people will spend their money on shows they feel will be worth every penny. If I open for Lita Ford again, people will fork over their money in droves. Just how it works out, you know?

I am still re-working the songs for the new album. I already tossed a song out, felt it wasn’t strong enough. I brought back a song I was working on in 2013 but the drummer I had at the time didn’t like it so it was put on ice. I resurrected it, cleaned up a part here and there, and now I think it can be showcased. Gave it a cool song title too, so I hope people dig it.

It bears repeating that these songs are just too good to be kept quiet. I have a lot of pride in my work. I think it was Joe Satriani who said “Play like a motherf–ker but think like a listener” or words to that effect. I know that instrumental music is not in vogue, but it’s what I do best. I was told recently that “instrumental music is dead” but tell that to Angel Vivaldi, Scale The Summit, Consider The Source, and Animals As Leaders. While my music is not as heavy duty as those acts, it’s still quite powerful and I know there’s an audience for it. As my dad once told me, “There’s an ass for every seat.”

And I plan on selling out ever damn seat in the future!