I know it’s been quite some time since last I posted a blog for your prying eyes. But I needed a break from social media as I was not in a good head space. Two weeks off seemed just right.

So now all you fans and stalkers can rejoice.

As many years as I’ve been writing my own music and making cds, as well as performing shows, one thing is certain: I will never change who I am or what kind of music I create. The most recent line-up that dissolved was a result of many things, but when I was told “I feel pressured into recording”, that was it for me. Who wouldn’t sell their left arm to be on a record and get airplay and have their name mentioned? I know I do. But that’s just how some musicians are: afraid of success.

I hadn’t touched my guitar during those two weeks except to teach it to students. Showing a C chord or major scale was the extent of my own practice regimen. But the past couple of nights, I retreated to my basement (with my new cricket friend chirping away) and fired up the Orange half-stack and let ‘er rip. Oh it felt so good! Am I inspired to find new players and get back out there? No, that’s not going to happen for a while. But I am looking to record my new songs; however my neuroses kicked in…

When I was working on the demos with the previous line-up, I was all excited and inspired because new songs were happening. Even debuted two of the newest songs in live settings and they went over well. But now that I am back to square one, I listened to the demos a lot more closely.

Here’s where my idiosyncrasies take over.

Some songs have intros that go on a bit too long, gotta chop those down. The public doesn’t like songs with intros longer than 6 to 10 seconds or else their minds wander. So at least three songs will have shorter lead-in times. The Hendrix-sounding ballad is long, about 7 minutes, but that stays as it is. A couple of tunes have parts that can be removed, so time to re-edit! Maybe it’s a blessing that the album wasn’t recorded when I had planned?

As for when I will start recording, most likely not until early next year. I have a lot going on between teaching, my son’s marching band competitions, the holidays, and trying to regroup and find my groove again. My center was thrown way-off towards the end of the summer, and while I tried to stay the course, life won this round. But stepping way back and seeing the bigger picture was what had to be done.

I want album #7 to blow my last cd out of the water!