I had mentioned some time ago that I was all set to record my new album starting on August 13th, which came and went.

And no I didn’t lay down one note. 

Obviously, my latest line-up came to a close last weekend, so that meant no recording. And that’s okay. I’ve had a full plate with my new teaching gig at Music & Arts. I love it, always loved teaching. Sometimes I think I enjoy that more than performing. Less stress, better hours and pay too.

Yeah I went there.

But my new songs are NOT going to waste, no way in hell. I have been talking with a producer who said he would be very into helping my music get recorded. I was going to do it at my studio (which is really my dining room) but it would be better for me to be locked away somewhere, no phones, no computer (except the one to be used to record onto). Can’t afford to have any distractions during the recording process.

Us musicians are so sensitive 😉

This actually gives me time to re-arrange a couple of the songs, slice and dice them a bit. Even changed a couple of titles too because I am neurotic like that. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t get to record yet. But I will not wait another four-five years in between albums like last time!!

As for finding new musicians for live shows…that’s going to take a while. I have a reputation for having a “revolving door” ala Blackmore/Malmsteen. But what people don’t understand is that it’s my vision and if nobody is into it, they have to go or show themselves out. Blunt but true. I tried having a solid line-up for years but it eludes my grasp.

But I will play live, not sure when yet. Just like I will record the new songs, no time frame given. When everything happens, and the planets line up, then I take action.

Right now I need a nap.