Last night was pretty bittersweet, with regards to the show at The Chance. But as a professional musician of a million years, I learn to deal with the changes and walk away with minimal bruises.

Read on…

Let’s get the “eh” news out of the way first. This was the last show with Tommy and Jimmy in the band, as they decided it was best to pull out (yet honour the show last night in good faith). Without getting into details, I let my frustrations get the best of me, and I didn’t handle things properly. I will always say that the guys brought a lot of energy to the music, really are a solid team, and we all agreed that while this was the last show for the three of us, we don’t have to shut the door entirely.

(As a result, I am no longer in Mary’s Basement as well, but I’ll just say it was for the best.)


Got to the club and heard the sound guy say “Okay so Blaze Bayley headlines, Bello is direct support…” Was I hearing things?! I’m FINALLY going on right before a national act? (Again, it was poetic justice as you will see soon.) I asked the guy “I am going on right before Blaze?” and he said “Yes!”

What made it weird was that, not only was this the last show with the guys in my band but…our set list got cut short by 10 minutes. But while we were only able to do four songs, we played our asses off. We only did “Layers”, “Quicker”, “Burn”, and “Surfing”…so one song from each album…and we nailed them to the floor. I dare anyone to challenge that statement.

After the show, we had to load our cars in the pouring rain (glad it wasn’t snow). I told the guys that I will always be proud of what we accomplished, and that the friendship has to be bigger than the music. So we shook hands and off they went.

So while it was our last show, at least it ended on a high note. We crushed the stage, and it was the heaviest we ever sounded. So now what?

I will be busy with my new teaching gig, so any plans for auditioning new musicians are on hold for a while. I am simply not ready to look around. I still want to record my new album but plans for that are on ice as well. Whatever and whenever the muse finds me, I will be ready.

Oh and Blaze was really cool too!