Yesterday I did an interview with Metal Maiden Vicki for her Metal Euphoria show. Just like the last time I was there, we had a good time, just chatting about the music, song title ideas, and overall silliness. Of course, she played my songs and whatever I requested (Rainbow, Rush, Living Colour!)

But then things got weird…

Getting to her studio was fine, the GPS was working well. But when I left, I couldn’t get a signal so I figured “I will look for landmarks and that will guide me home.” Nope. Made one turn, thinking it was the right way and somehow I wound up near the Catskills? Not a soul for miles, but I am thinking “I’ll just turn around.” Again, nope. Wound up in this town that I can’t remember the name of and by this point, I am slowly freaking out.

I don’t do well when I’m lost.

Went into the Walgreens and the woman said “You look lost, let me help.” I told her where I live and she said “Whew! Never heard of THAT place, I don’t think I’ve ever been to New Jersey in my life.” Oh great. So she jot down directions and I was on my way.


Wound up in a REALLY dark area, and now I am really having a meltdown. I couldn’t get a signal anywhere with the GPS, never had this happen to me before. You kinda get the picture here.

Finally found 9 North and drove..and drove…and drove. This time I ended up in New Paltz?! Maybe years from now I will laugh about this but when you’re having a panic attack and you can’t get home, it’s not pretty.

Then I stopped in a lone gas station and I asked this one guy, “PLEASE can you get me back to NJ?” And he said “I’m going that way, follow me!” WHEW!!!

I don’t know about my GPS now. I don’t trust it. I wanted to be home around 9 but instead got home around 11. Having my heart jump through my neck was not my idea of spending a Saturday night.

But the interview was fun.