Aside from annoying technical difficulties as soon as I started playing the intro to “Layers Of Time”, my trio sounded really good. Thankfully, I fixed the problem quickly and the crowd were patient.

The show must go on…

Was nice to see people not sit in the back for a change. A few moved towards the stage, some were even headbanging and throwing the Dio horns. But still the energy level was not there, and I know why. My music just isn’t for the Dingbatz crowd. They all want to hear classic heavy metal, and while I’m a fan of that stuff, I am thankfully not stuck in 1985. (1988, maybe…) I like the room, like the vibe, but every time I play there, it’s spotty at best.

Finally got to have a sit-down conversation with Symphony X bassist Mike LePond. We casually bump into each other at various clubs but last night I walked up to him and struck up a chat. Turns out we both know a lot of the same people in the music world (no surprise there), but he also knows someone that I went to high school with!? Small world, indeed.

Oh..the new Layers Of Time pedal really sounded great though! Guitarists in the other bands were eyeing my gear and asking questions, so that was cool. After my set, got some nice compliments about my guitar sound. So even if my playing wasn’t up to snuff, the tones were there. Works for me.

It felt good to play “Layers” as we hadn’t touched it since January. It’s a long tune, around the 7-minute mark. But when we played it last night, the crowd liked it. Did the standards, such as “Surfing To Venus” and “Quicker”, as well as “Nuclear Paradise”. “Marblehead” is fun to play live; my trio get down and funky with that one! Cannot wait to start recording the new songs soon!!

Onward to The Chance…