Updated Pink Beast 2.0 with new Layers Of Time pedal

Christmas came early today, as the mailman greeted me with a box that had my new signature pedal encased therein!

I will make a demo video soon but will definitely debut it tomorrow night at Dingbatz. I still need to clean the board up a bit more, maybe add a riser so I am not tripping on any pedals (my feets too big!)

My Layers Of Time pedal is definitely very cool. The delay is analog, not digital, which was fine with me. I wanted digital but Rick does everything hand-wired so there you go! Took me a bit to get used to the attack of the delay, as I usually like the precision of digital. But this really fattens and warms up my sound! The overdrive is based off of the Boss SD-1, so it reacts very nicely to picking style. And the boost feature is really trippy! It has a switch on the back for 9v/18v headroom. It can get VERY loud, so I was warned “Use it wisely!”

Early Xmas for me! My new signature Layers Of Time pedal from Checkered Pedals is now available!!

Toggle switch on Layers Of Time pedal for more headroom when Boost is engaged.

Anyone interested in this or the Nuclear Paradise pedal can drop Rick an email:

It’s good to be king…for a minute.