Rick Bethune of Checkered Pedals sent me this pic from his workbench…it’s my second signature pedal!!! I will hopefully have it in my hands before my gig this Friday in Clifton but nonetheless…here it is!

Second signature pedal called LAYERS OF TIME by Checkered Pedals.

I will make a demo video soon showcasing what this pedal is all about. But for now, here’s the skinny:

It’s called LAYERS OF TIME (and it has the same colour scheme as the album cover of the same name). It’s a triple delay/boost/overdrive pedal with a couple of cool twists. It has separate ins/outs if you want to run the delay through the effects loop (like I do) or you can run everything in tandem. Also has a 9v/18v switch on the back for the BOOST button if I want my solos to really jump out.

Plus it has pretty lights!