I know, I talk about my music all the time. Some of you are cool with it, others tend to roll your eyes. I get it. But what I am about to show you is something you would NOT expect from me…

Allow me to be in fanboy mode.

1996 interview w/Vernon Reid and Geddy Lee (Request Magazine)

I saw this on the fan-driven Rush website called Power Windows. I never knew this interview ever existed until recently. My top 3 fave bands of all-time are Led Zeppelin, Rush and Living Colour. (If Jimmy Page were to be part of this interview…HOO BOY!)

It’s interesting to read this article since it’s 21 years old. But some of the things that both Reid and Geddy say are still pretty relevant to us struggling musicians. Click on the link and see for yourself. I totally identify with everything that is said here, from Reid saying that Sex Pistols and Rush can co-exist, as well as Geddy saying that the music should define who we are instead of posing.

I hope one day I am known enough to be part of an interview like this. I probably wouldn’t talk much (that would be an ultra-rare occasion) because I would be so busy absorbing all this wisdom and experience. Even as I rapidly age, I still learn and grow.

Someone set up an interview with me and these two guys…NOW!