Yesterday I received a message from a guitarist in a metal band around here (not saying his name for privacy reasons). He said “Your band isn’t opening for Blaze, you’re not on the list anymore.” I thought this was a mistake but it wasn’t.

Remind me again why I am a musician?

I contacted someone at The Chance (again, not using names) and politely asked “What happened?” After some miscommunication and whatnot, I was told that it was an honest mistake and will be back on the bill promptly.

So yes I am still on the bill as a guest of Blaze Bayley, along with Last Pharaoh, and Remedy. Tickets are $15 through me directly, and the more tickets I can move, the more I will get to play this room. I know it’s a bit of a drive for some people in NJ but if you truly enjoy metal music and my own brand of weird-ass funky metal, then this is the show you want to see. You can email me through the Contact page here or just click on this link:

Also, I am pleased with the support I’ve been receiving about my deal with GHS Strings. Seeing my name on the same list as artists such as Stu Hamm, The Iron Maidens (yes, the female tribute band), Pat Martino, David Gilmour, and the’s definitely very cool.

Sadly, Soundgarden are no more but they are on the list, so screw it. I am in good company 🙂

And I cannot wait to sink my teeth into album #7.

Sharpen those canines, people!