Mary’s Basement was supposed to play a private party on July 1st.

The gods had other plans…

All week we kept hearing “50% chance of rain”, then “20%” and then…well, you get the point. We set up our gear, had a smooth soundcheck, and the sun looked like it would stay awake for a while.


Started raining before we came back to play, but thankfully our gear wasn’t rained on. Began playing and after two songs, had to stop. Then we started up again, and more rain came. Hung out for an hour, started playing a third time and then BOOM! The skies really opened up and our gear was starting to get attacked by the downpour. It did not let it for an hour or so. Tommy’s drums got soaked, my guitars got water on them as did all of my cables (my amp and board were safe!) We had no choice but to admit defeat and pack up. There is talk of a “re-do” in August, so if that happens, I hope the weather cooperates.

And no it didn’t rain during “Purple Rain”…we didn’t get get to do five songs without being anointed by the storm.

At least the gigs with my band will be indoors, right?