Hello all! I know I have not posted in a few days, but I’ve been busy with family (that comes first!) as well as performing a gig that got rained out with Mary’s Basement. Such is life…

But time for the big news:

I am now playing and endorsing GHS Strings, based out of Battle Creek, MI. And before any gossip happens, I talked to Von York CEO Rosario Panzarella about this and he wished me nothing but the best for my career. This was definitely a tough decision for me, as Rosario has always been gracious and up-front with me about everything. So I felt it necessary to call him and say the deal I signed with GHS is official. We will still be friends, still keep in touch about shows and whatnot. But this was a decision that needed to be done.

So my thanks to Rosario and Von York for taking care of me over the past two years. But like everything in life, things have to change and progress.

Now allow me to say thank you to Jon Moody over at GHS for getting the ball rolling with my new deal!