Last night Mary’s Basement played at RGCC, second time this year. Was supposed to be an outdoor event but the rain forced everything to be moved indoors. Of course, as soon as everything is moved in, the sun comes out.

Go figure!

This was my first full show with the band since February, as I have been filling in with Crash NY and my own gigs as well. Rehearsals for this show went well, but when Tommy said he couldn’t this gig, Rennie asked Derek Landel to handle the drum chores. He did a great job on such short notice.

We played the tried-and-true tunes but added some new ones to the list. I haven’t covered a Bon Jovi song since high school and here I am doing “Wanted Dead Or Alive”. The crowd seemed to like when I did the “squealies” like what Richie Sambora did in the guitar solo. Again, go figure!

And I never ever thought I would ever play “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison but there was no escape. I never played the song in my life, never learned it, and the song was now on the set list. Okay, I learned the intro that morning and took it from there. As an added bonus, singer John Curran pulled “Country Roads” by John Denver out of his head and we all followed along.

I still don’t know why he did that song.

The gig was fun, not as packed as a regular RGCC gig would be but it is the summer. I think we do better there in the winter because people can’t go to the shore in sub-zero temperature. (So they go to Bermuda instead!)

MB has another private party on July 1st and then nothing until September. Rest assured, we will email each other back and forth with new song ideas.

Will more Van Halen and Black Sabbath be added?

Oh I hope!