Drove down to BCR Music today in Lemoyne, PA. This may not sound like a huge deal to some of you but to me, it was pretty special. Let me explain…

When I was a rep/endorser with my former string company, I would go once a year to BCR for their anniversary sale. After I was let go from said company in 2015, obviously there was no need for me to go there. Not that I didn’t enjoy it there but just didn’t feel the pressing need to travel for a while, at least to a former client’s store.

But I drove down 208 to 287, onto 78 to 83…oh it was definitely a trip back in time. Every sign, every barn on the side of the road, I could recall every detail as I was passing through. Instead of going as a sales rep, I went as a civilian and it was quite cool. When I arrived, everyone were thrilled to see me, and that was a great feeling.

I demoed some Orange amps in the store, and while I didn’t intend on getting back in rep mode, it was kinda cool. I still don’t miss retail though! It was nice seeing a lot of familiar faces and some even asked me “You here for (that string company)?” and I said “Nope, here because I missed everyone!”

And that was the truth.