Had rehearsal with Mary’s Basement last night, definitely a lot of fun. Last time I rehearsed with them was way back in February this year (seems like dog years, huh?)

And somehow I remembered how to play all the songs?!

We’re supposed to play tomorrow night at the RGCC for an outdoor show but if it rains, obviously that won’t happen. But it will be moved to next Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for more info.

MB played two shows with a fill-in guitarist back in March and April because I was helping Crash NY out during that time. MB has this gig as well as another private party in July, and then nothing until September. But that doesn’t mean I will be sleeping 😉

As for the rehearsal last night, took a bit of warming up but we fell into that zone. And that’s the best place to be. Went over the tried-and-true covers that have been in the set list for a long time (even long before I hooked up with them). Added more new songs to the palette and the best part is that all of us are fast learners and can read music. So when the keyboardist Carolyn pulls up a new song, all of us circle around her iPad and just start playing.

My years of learning chords out of a Rush songbook paid off 🙂