Yep, that’s the only song I have never played off of LAYERS OF TIME but it was still a good title for this blog. So sit back and enjoy.

Or whatever.

Did two back-to-back shows yesterday, which I rarely do but when people want you to bring the noise, you show up! Played with R&B yesterday morning (yes, MORNING) at Ramsey Farmer Market, and am glad I can sight-read music decently! Some songs I knew already but others…wow! Struggled a bit with a Paul McCartney tune but overall didn’t do bad. But it was BLAZING hot yesterday, even as we were under the tent. The women who run the market supplied us with a lot of water so that was good.

And to the woman who screamed “YOU ARE TOO LOUD”…get a life!

Headed down to Long Branch to play with Crash NY at Brighton and there was a street fair going on. So I checked it out and there was this young high-school band playing some SERIOUS funk! I didn’t catch the band name but damn these kids threw down some nasty grooves!! Whoever they are, my imaginary hat’s off to them…nice to see young people play music and not their iPhones.

Not a lot of people in the club, as to be expected for a Sunday night but it was still cool. First band Black Light Circle were essentially a duo with a drum machine, and they were cool. Cowbell Superstar were up next and as always, they were great! Wish there were more people there for them to see how much FUN they have on stage. Too many bands look like they would rather play checkers or look at Excel spread sheets. But not this band!

Crash NY hit the stage later than intended but we still played well. I hit some bum notes but the energy was there, so that was important. Overall it was a fun night, great to play Brighton again…love that room!

What’s next? Mary’s Basement has a private party on June 16th, unless it rains, then it will be moved to June 23rd. If you peruse the TOUR DATES page, you can see where I am headed next,

Always on the run!