Okay so…the sun was out this morning. What happened? Is Spring really trying not to make an appearance like last year? Seems that way.

But that didn’t stop my trio from having a great rehearsal!

Despite the blah weather, we didn’t let it get our spirits down. After all, we played a gig when there was a monsoon, so OH WELL!

Plowed through seven of the eight new songs because our bodies are aging. Shit happens. But we tore through “Keep Breathing” and “Marblehead” one shot each, and it felt great! Did the other songs a few times each, and brain farts were in abundance. That happens…and I wrote the damn songs!! “Message”, “Karma”, “Edge”, “Fly”, and “Zen” all came out pretty good, but with a few more nips and tucks, they will shine. (For now, the remaining songs will only be presented as one-word titles until they are officially recorded.)

Was hoping to get to do “Rust” but we simply got worn out. That song will flip people out once they hear it. It’s NOTHING like anyone has ever heard before from me. This is definitely a huge leap forward from LAYERS, and while I am proud of that album, this one is going to blow the lid off as far as songwriting and versatility. (Oh and there are a couple of songs where I channel my inner Allan Holdsworth, so be forewarned!)

Hoping to get a couple more rehearsals in before we begin the process of recording. It can be tedious, but in the end it’s worth it. Especially with music THIS good.

Yes I said that.