Well now, two gigs popped up for me yesterday, and I seized the opportunities quickly. As my grandfather once told me when I was 13, “Never look stupid, because someone behind you wants your gig.”

He also said “Guitarists hate flat keys.”

I will be sitting in on lead guitar once again with Crash NY, and it will be at The Brighton Bar on Sunday June 11. What’s this?! I get to play Brighton a second time within a month?! Surely the gods are feeling particularly jaunty. It’s an early show because it’s a school night. Three bands will be playing: Black Light Circle (70s-style rock/folk), Cowbell Superstar (70s-style glam rock), and of course Crash NY (70s-style garage/punk). See a theme here? Just glad there’s no wood paneling involved.

And then I took the July 28th gig at Dingbatz, as guest of Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar guitarist). Tickets for that show can be purchased online through the link provided on my TOUR DATES page. Also on the bill: Magus Beast, and Metalfier. This is surely going to be a night of scorching hot metal. I will be the lightest metal band on the bill but so be it.

I always make sure to have a good time all of the time.