First of all, I must say that hearing the news of Chris Cornell’s unexpected passing on Thursday really floored me. I was not upset, but I was very taken aback because obviously it was a bolt out of the blue. I was a Soundgarden fan from back in the day, when I first heard them in high school (long before they were labelled a “grunge” band). My first impression was “Wow! It’s Black Sabbath with Robert Plant on vocals!” and I was a fan instantly. Chris  was a tremendous singer, very talented musician, and losing him at 52 is a travesty.

But on a better note…

My trio has been asked to be a guest of Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar guitarist) at Dingbatz on July 28th. I know that we were supposed to open for him back in December at Mexicali but the gig was pulled. Hopefully this time it will stick. Also, as you all know, my band is back at The Chance on August 11, as guest of Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden singer). You can peruse the TOUR DATES page for more info.

Got back together with Mary’s Basement tonight at a birthday party, was totally impromptu. I hadn’t played with them since February, if I am not mistaken. Only played a small handful of songs, as it was technically an open jam night. Strangely, for not playing with the band in a while, it didn’t feel like any time had passed. We just dove head first into whatever songs we could pull off. We have two private parties and then nothing until September. Again, TOUR DATES page…

But I had mentioned to Jimmy and Tommy that I think August 13th would be a great date to set so we could finally start recording the new album. I figured since we have the gig on the 11th of that month, the vibes would be right to lay down drum tracks. Once we get those done (and Tommy is happy with everything), then Jimmy and I can go ahead and piece our parts together at our own pace. I am hoping to get this opus out by December 2017 but as I always say…Que sera, sera!

And for the record, I did a total improvised funk/jazz thing with two musicians from Ramsey High School. Safe to say the crowd didn’t think I could play “like that”.

Allan Holdsworth would be proud 🙂