Two years seems like an eternity in between playing certain rooms. Sure, I frequent Mexicali Live every so often, make a stop at Dingbatz, but for me, there’s one room that I always enjoy coming back to…

When I am allowed to play there, that is!

Last night, I got to play Brighton Bar in Long Branch after waiting and hoping to perform there again since February 13, 2015. This was the first time my guys Jimmy and Tommy got to play there, and they could see why I enjoy the room so much. It’s definitely small but has SO much history and vibe to it. I never got the chance to play CBGB’s in its day (that’s another story), so Brighton is my CBGB’s.

First band The Way Out got things off to a nice start. Great vocalist, catchy tunes, reminded me a bit of Husker Du in spots (five points if you ever heard of that band). Metal Life Crisis followed but they were supposed to go on third; due to the doors not being open right away, everything got switched around. So they asked me to switch spots and I was cool with that. They went on second and scorched the place with their brand of Pantera-ish style metal. Definitely a band on the rise for sure.

My trio took the stage and I could tell from the first note of “Nuclear Paradise”, we were in the zone and just let it rip. Jimmy and Tommy have never let me down, not once. Solid as a rock, you can set your watch to them, which gives me the freedom to go berzerk on stage (five points if you spot the reference). Not only did we do newbie “Marblehead”, we also pulled out another new song called “Keep Breathing”. While I quipped that I wrote a song chicks will dig, the song did receive a lot of applause. It prompted one guy to say “I can’t wait for your new album now!” And when I said “This song is about me because I have asthma”, a woman yelled out “Me too!”

Strange way to connect with the audience but it worked!

Headliners The Inversion Circus hit the stage to promote their debut album and they did not disappoint. Incredibly steeped in 70s fusion (some of it may be tongue-in-cheek, at least to my ears) and of course brain-melting metal, this other instrumental trio are the real deal. We hope to do more shows together, as the world needs more instrumental music.

That’s just my opinion…and everyone’s entitled to my opinion 😉

It was a very successful night, and despite the monsoon that hit, the crowd was nice-sized, watched all the bands and showed support. THAT is how the music scene should be.

Happy Mother’s Day, BTW!