Been receiving some messages via Facebook from some people asking me “What band are you in?” and “Are you done with yours?” So let me clear things up here and now…

My music will always come first, period. I have ten new songs written, ready to be recorded, as I’ve stated quite a few times on social media and the like. I still play in Mary’s Basement but quite honestly, the gigs aren’t coming as frequently so I asked around for any bands that need a fill-in guitarist because I love performing.

When Cara Crash asked me to fill in for some shows, I obliged. I enjoy playing her music and get along with everyone in her band. But they are still on the hunt for a permanent lead guitarist, and I hope they land someone soon so they can feel like it’s more of a band than three people and a hired gun.

My trio is still doing shows, and some gigs are in the talking stages with club owners. Honestly, my head is so focused on the new album and I cannot wait to lay down the tracks. A lot of bands are afraid to do full-lengths or even EPs because “What’s the point, nobody buys music anymore anyway?” I am still old-school, I love full-length albums, where the songs flow and connect to each other. Not in a concept way but more like the songs are arranged in such a way that you can’t listen to one without hearing the next and so on.

So to clarify: My band is still going strong, Mary’s Basement did a couple of shows with a fill-in guitarist but I will be back for the next few shows, and I may or may not be needed anymore for Cara’s band. Whatever the case, I have to keep moving and keep playing.

Whether you like it or not 😉