Well, I can finally quote the Beastie Boys (not that I was ever a fan to begin with).

Cara Crash made her debut in Brooklyn last night at this way-cool place called Bushwick Public House. Definitely very artsy, cool vibes all around. Felt like we were playing in someone’s basement and that was a good thing. Not a big crowd but enough people in the room to make it look like it was packed. I dug the place, wouldn’t mind going back again.

First band that went on were called Giant Flying Turtles, and they were definitely pretty cool. Guitarist played some tasty licks, the whole band had this Dead-ish kinda vibe going, and while I never got into the Dead, these guys were obviously tight (their vocal harmonies…wow!) and clearly enjoyed what they were doing. Bassist had a 5-string upright bass, never saw one before, and he played the heck out of that thing.

Cara was up next, and we played well, mix was a bit rough in spots but the energy was there. All I could think was “How will people take seeing this guy up there with a green Ibanez?” But the crowd dug the band, got into the spirit of things. Lots of nice compliments, the funniest one being “The band sounds like Joan Jett meets Metallica.” Okay then…

Third band up was Catalina Shortwave and they were really really good! Great guitar tones, awesome bass lines, everything was sweet up and down the line. They were a mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd/Thin Lizzy with a singer that reminded me of Paul DiAnno (but with a cooler voice). I really enjoyed them and hope that my own band can do shows with them, such a cool band!

Cara’s band should be getting a permanent lead guitar player by the time you read this. I had a lot of fun playing with them, was definitely cool getting my hands dirty with music that few people would expect me to perform. But now it’s back to focusing on my trio, as I want to get started soon on the new record. So to Cara, John, and Adam…thanks for letting me make noise with you all for three shows.

As for Mary’s Basement…I’ll be back in the lead guitar slot soon there too.

No rest for the handsome.