Had rehearsal with my trio today, just got done a few minutes ago. Went over the set list twice, added another new song that will be on the next album, a tune that for now I call “Breathing”. But of course before we played a note, my back decided to act up.

The perils of being an aging musician!

I’ve had back issues since I was 30, and they don’t happen too often. Only during the moments when I am busy. Isn’t that always the way? I remained undeterred as we plowed through the set list the first time. Some mistakes, of course, but I flubbed some things..and I wrote the damn songs! Second pass-through, and all was right with the world. Jimmy and Tommy never let me down, especially when my back goes out more than I do.

Had some time left, so we went over the newest song that I showed them from last rehearsal. For now, I call the tune “Zen”, and it’s coming together nicely. Still working on a melody but as long as we have the parts down, we are good. There’s one section of the song that’s been troubling me, and again I wrote his friggin’ tune!! I hear the chords move a certain way but my fingers want to do something else. So I got out of the way of the music and let it come to me. Started off reminding me a bit like “No Quarter” by Led Zeppelin then with one chord shift, it turned into a little bit of “Entre Nous” by Rush. If that’s how the song is supposed to sound, then I run with it.

Overall, a solid rehearsal, very happy with the results.

Soon I will be eligible for AARP.