Played a lot of notes this weekend, so here’s my little “review” of sorts about how I spent my weekend…

Crash NY made its debut on Friday night at Connolly’s Klum 45 room, in the heart of Times Square. Nice place, good vibes, kick-ass food! Opening band called SAD were alright, a bit too indie-rock for me (my daughter would love this band). Cowbell Superstar followed and they were great! Total throwback to 70s glam rock, very much enjoyed it. I would encourage you to check them out on YouTube or Reverbnation when you can.

Cara Crash hit the stage around 10pm, and we played pretty good. Had John Emerson on drums, and what a difference he made. Songs were at the right speed, was a lot tighter overall. People liked my Orange Micro Terror head, couldn’t believe that such a small amp head could be that loud. And yes it looked funny sitting on a 4×12 cabinet:

Yes I used the Micro Terror head for this gig. People were shocked at how loud it was!

The last band were called Sound Dogs and I must say, their bass player was amazing! Reminded me of the old-school Motown-style bassists as well as rock guys like Jack Bruce/Felix Pappalardi and he even tossed in some slap lines. Honestly, not 100% my cup of tea musically but they were quite good. Female singer had a compelling voice. Overall a great show!

Played at A&M Music today for Record Store Day and it was the most relaxed I’ve ever played at that store. Good crowd, sold some cds (sadly, someone stole one out of the jewel case and put in back in the rack like we wouldn’t notice?) Did my usual songs such as “Greensleeves” by Jeff Beck, as well as “Amazing Grace” by Steve Vai. Off the top of my head, I threw in some newbies like “Tears” by Rush (a first!), “Blackbird” by The Beatles, and did a tribute to Uli Roth via Paganini. I must say, it was wild! Also did “Eruption” by Van Halen because someone in the crowd said “Eddie better look out!”

Even did the two solo pieces that will be on my new album. I said the titles of the songs there, but I won’t say them here. One was Pink Floyd-ish, the other was Jeff Beck-sounding.

So this weekend was me playing a lot of guitar, meeting a lot of new fans, and feeling good about the shows that are coming up next month. Be sure to check out the TOUR DATES page for more info.

I need a nap now…