Had another rehearsal last night with Cara Crash and her band, and oh what fun we had!! The vibes were good, the jokes were being tossed around, and of course it was LOUD!

Somehow I fit my playing over this style of punk/garage rock!

Cara has a gig on April 25th in NYC, and then she has more coming up in the next couple of months. She asked me if I would be able to assist and I said I could do a show here and there. But she is looking for a permanent lead guitarist, so if you or someone you know is into this style of rock (ala Ramones/Joan Jett/Stones), find her on Facebook and tell her that I sent ya!

No I am not abandoning my music; if anything, I am more inspired than ever to finally get cranking with the new album. My band will have rehearsal this Sunday, and I want to set a target date to start recording the drums at least. Once those are laid down, Jimmy and I can lay down our parts at our own leisure. The only show coming up is the one in August but I am still scouring the area looking for more gigs. Been chatting with other bands in the hopes of doing some cool double- and triple-bills, so keep checking the TOUR DATES page for any info as it comes down the pike.

Have guitar will travel.