Sitting here watching Sex Pistols concerts while wondering when winter will officially be over…

Stranger things have happened.

Cara Crash asked me to fill in again on lead guitar for an upcoming gig in NYC on April 21st. I obliged, so this will be cool. I haven’t played in Manhattan since 2006 when I played Ace Of Clubs with a different version of my trio. This gig will be at Connolly’s, so anyone who lives in or around there, please stop in and hear me play some garage/punk rock.

Maybe that’s why I have been listening to Sex Pistols all day? Get back to me on that.

But don’t worry, I am still focused on my new album. I gave the guys one more song to learn, so that means there will be seven songs on the album with a full trio. I wrote and re-wrote “Abstract” to the point of being ready to throw it out. But of course I was fooling around with some fingerpicking stuff (I have been known to play quietly…rarely) and realized that my new cd needed something to break up all the metal and whatnot. Last time I did a solo piece on an album was the acoustic tune “Sometimes Hidden” from GO BERZERK! But this time I have TWO solo tunes in the works…

“Abstract” will be more of a Pink Floyd-ish type thing (even though I never got into them, go figure) and another piece that I will simply call “Under” is going to be along the lines of Jeff Beck ala “Where Were You”. Granted, NOBODY can play such elegant harmonics like Beck but it sure is fun trying. I may add some ambient synth on these tracks, not sure yet.

Overall I am very excited about the prospect of working on a new album so soon. Keep in mind that I had music written for LAYERS as far back as 2011, yet nobody wanted to try the songs (I don’t get most musicians at times!) I told myself after I finished the last notes of LAYERS that I would not wait another 4-5 years between albums. And I think this time the plan is working.

The final full song I showed the guys is something I will call “Message”. So in total, there will be seven songs performed as a trio, two solo. I debuted “Marblehead” live on March 8th, and then played it a second time on March 11th, both times the song was warmly received. So that inspired me to move forward a bit more quickly. Yet not rush into things just as well. Having guys like Jimmy and Tommy lock in with the grooves is a big help.

Spring comes Tuesday, right?