As I stated in the previous blog, I got to debut a brand-new song at Mexicali called “Marblehead” and it received a good response. A friend/fan of my music named Tom Feeley filmed the song and sent it to me for review. I said it sounded really good, as far as overall video/audio quality and that I wanted to post it on my social media pages.

Now here’s the story behind the title…

Towards the end of 2015, I had a temp job at Global Soft, which makes and ships calendars, greetings cards, etc. My job was to pack the orders and slap a label on them. Definitely a no-brainer job, if you ask me. (I admit that I wish I got a call back to work there full-time as I really liked the place but wasn’t meant to be…)

Anyway, one city kept popping up amidst all the orders I was working on, a place in Massachusetts called Marblehead. “What a cool name for a town” I thought, which turned into “What a cool name for a song”. I had the title floating around my brain since November 2015, yet no music for it. Thought I had some ideas for it, but nothing really grabbed me.

Until one day…

For whatever reasons, a riff I wrote back in 1994 or so came back to me. “Why is this happening?”, I thought, but I got out of the way and let the music come to me.  What’s even scarier is I remember exactly where I was when I wrote the main riff: I was living in Teaneck, working on our house, and had a 4-track machine in the spare room. Threw down the riff and that was it. Strangely, I never followed up on it. That’s music for you.

Cut to around maybe the summer of 2016, and the riff sneaks back into my grey matter. I came up with a second part, the “Pat Travers-meets-Chic” part as I call it. The melody for the verse part reminds me of Yes for some reason. Okay…got two parts, need a third because I am neurotic. I was listening to Deep Purple and thinking about how Blackmore wrote all these funky riffs (yet hated funk?) I nicked a little bit of his idea and when I played it, it came out in 5/4 time. Oh and I have to give drummer Tommy Irwin a bit of credit as he asked “How we can transition out of that part into the verse?” So I said, “Let’s hope the last C# note and then count us back in.”

Nothing I wrote can be normal!

Showed the guys this weird funky tune with a weird funky title and that was it. Grappled with the idea of playing it live, and then said “Screw it, we’re doing it!” Glad I did it, as the crowd enjoyed it. You can hear someone yell out at the end of the video “GOOD SONG!”

I agree 😉