Just got home from a most kick-ass night of shred guitar at Mexicali Live. My ears are ringing, so that means it was a fun night.

Or maybe I should answer that call? Is that the phone? Hello?

But damn it was FREEZING outside!!

My band was supposed to go on second but the first band never showed up so we got the first slot. Okay, that’s cool, used to doing that. Actually had a proper soundcheck, so that was kinda rare. Our set started at 8:30 and while the turnout wasn’t big, the people who showed up really dug the music. I saw some heads boppin’ and people clapping in between songs, that’s always a good thing.

Debuted “Marblehead” tonight and the response was quite good. As proud as I am of the music off of LAYERS OF TIME, it felt really great to say “Here’s one that will be on my next album” and off we went. And yes, a few people asked me after my set “So when’s the new album coming out?” That’s a good sign!

After me was my former student Nick’s band Atomic Beauty. He took over on lead vocals as well as playing the guitar, so now his band is a trio. I have to say, it was heavier and funkier than what I remember! Was genuinely impressed! And then after him was a last-minute addition, guitarist Ethan Brosh and his band looking VERY 80s (nothing wrong there!) and musically in that same decade as well. His band was instrumental, save for a cover of “Wasted Years” by Iron Maiden, which the drummer sang. Not an easy feat!

Michael Angelo Batio hit the stage and you could smell flesh burning from all the faces he melted. He did a lot of tributes to such acts as Randy Rhoads, Dimebag, and Led Zeppelin, plus he peppered the show with some of his own material. He was LOUD, but hey, it was a shred show..no smooth Kenny G stuff here.

All told, it was a very successful show and I will be posting pics soon as well as some fan-filmed clips.

Right now I need sleep!