WOW! What a weekend! Great weather on Friday and Saturday, but back to winter today. So what? I got to play guitar and feel that euphoria kick in.

Or maybe it was the Nutella sandwich?

Friday night, Mary’s Basement played at AB&G, and while turnout wasn’t as big as usual, was still pretty good. Saw some new faces, maybe from the RGCC gig we gig a month ago. After some technical difficulties (isn’t that always the way?), we got down to business. Added seven new cover tunes to the list and everyone felt like they were back in 1982 and watching MTV. “Hold On Loosely” definitely got people wide-eyed, but the big winner was “Working For The Weekend”.

Yes, a Loverboy song.

No, I didn’t wear red leather pants.

But it still rocked!

Today my trio had rehearsal , went over the set list for the two shows coming up in March (which is around the corner!) Moving a song around, taking a song out, and adding a new one, just to spice things up. Speaking of new songs…

Worked on “Edge” more, and it is really coming together nicely. Tommy is a pro, solid as a rock but am sure he is cursing me out in his head HAHAHA! This music is challenging and we wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t write anything normal. The intro is in 11/8, the main riff is 4/4, the “chorus” is 3/4. Oh and what would a Bello song be without an outro in 13/4? (Or a bar or 6/4 to 7/4…) Either way, it’s going to be smokin’ when it’s tightened.

The other new tune, “Strange” (third in the series?), is all grooves, no melodies, and a short solo. Will be a barnstormer once it’s finalized.

So that’s six new songs in the queue, waiting to be recorded come the Summer. Three more to go, and I will be looking at another 9-song opus like LAYERS. Originally wanted 11 tunes but some songs had to go. That’s just how I roll.

This Tuesday I will be rehearsing with Cara Crash and her band Crash NY, to get ready for her gig at Mexi on March 8th. Some of my friends think it’s odd that I will be playing punk/rock-n-roll but I like the challenge. It’s a challenge because I can’t use my weird licks. I have to scale back (see what I did there?) and play less crazy. But I can still toss in some tasty stuff that I am sure Cara will find cool.

Or she may break my teeth with her headstock?

(You can ask her why I said that if you wish…)