Tomorrow I will be doing a pre-recorded interview with Scotty Perry for iHeart Radio and Z93 in Poughkeepsie, to promote the upcoming show at The Chance. Tickets are selling decently but need to get a few more sold or else I won’t be asked back. Just being honest here. The link for the app is below, and the interview will be aired Thursday in the 4pm hour:

Good rehearsal with Mary’s Basement last night, added seven new songs to the list, nice to be challenged and keep the set list fresh. Some songs are definite mainstays, others can be switched out here and there. My band is having rehearsal this Sunday for the two gigs coming up at Mexi and The Chance. And THEN I have rehearsal with Cara Crash next Tuesday for her show at Mexi. WHEW!

Was over Jimmy’s on Sunday, worked on the revised “Strange” tune, added a better mid-section to it. And then of course I had to add another part to the “Edge” song. I am never satisfied, always thinking about making the songs better. I could never plop down some chords and say “Good!” Nope, I have to find the better Bello, in every song I write. Being creative is a curse and a blessing for sure. But I am determined to make this next record a hit out of the park. After six records, I think it’s time the world got hip to my music.

Bold statement but true.