Yes I seem to be playing Mexicali quite a bit, and that’s a good problem to have. The staff are great, the food is awesome too. And of course it’s one of my fave rooms to play due to a great sound system and the stage itself is just nice.

I am playing there March 4th opening for Michael Angelo Batio, so why I am there again?

I received a message from Cara Crash the other night, asking if I would be interested in filling in on lead guitar for a show she’s doing there on March 8th. “Why not!” I said, and with that, she sent me her songs to learn. And away I go…

Granted, people will hear her music and think “How the hell is Steve going to shoehorn his licks in this stuff?” The answer is very easy: I won’t play like me. I will be channeling more blues/rock’n’roll-sounding ideas. Her music is described as “garage rock”, with a strong punk/Joan Jett kind of vibe. (Work with me here…) Since I play in Mary’s Basement and cover a wide range of artists from Stray Cats to Prince to Black Sabbath, this presented itself to be a great forum for me to play outside of my comfort zone.

Soon as I heard the material, the dial in my brain turned to “Brian Setzer”, “Mark Knopfler” and if you can believe it, “Chuck Berry”. Now, I am not going to sound exactly like those guys but I will not be playing like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani here. The music doesn’t call for it. As a session player (of sorts), I have to play what fits, not what suits my ego.

Rehearsals will take place next week, and I am into helping Cara out. And she seems into having me jump in and make some noise with her too!

So get your scorecards out and peruse to the TOUR DATES page because more shows are popping up faster than I can rehearse for them!