Last night I had a brainstorm, or maybe it was a small drizzle. In preparation for the new album that I will finally get to record this Friday, why not post songs from past albums and bring people up to speed. Granted, my musical “history” is not one to brag about per se but I have amassed a bit of a catalog over the past 12 years.

Not bad for thinking I would be one and done back in 2003?

I took to my Reverbnation page and began picking what songs to upload for people to snag for free. Obviously I left “Surfing To Venus” (from GO BERZERK!, 2011) up there, as well as “I Play Guitar” (from TWISTED METAL, 2003). And naturally, since I’ve been doing “Burn The Sky” (from JUPITER RETURN, 2005), I immediately put the studio version on the page. But what about the other two albums?

Truth be told, I haven’t listened to my older works in ages. I guess I am like a painter in that regard: I paint something and then hang it up for display, and move on to the next work. If anything, when I am done with a new record, I am already thinking of the next one as I promote the one I just finished. So I took to listening to songs from ALL WIRED UP (2004) and ABOUT TO EXPLODE! (2008). And here’s what I came up with:

I posted “Schizotherapy” from AWU because that song seems to get people, well, all wired up. That song was a last-minute add-on, wasn’t supposed to go on the cd but am glad it did. People thought I was channeling Slipknot when I wrote that but in truth, I was getting into Meshuggah and wanted to create something along those lines. Didn’t come out like that but when I would play that song live or at a clinic, it would get a lot of response. I can see why. It’s heavy as hell, and I don’t think I’ve written a heavier song to this day. Recording AWU was a lot of fun, I have great memories from those sessions. I remember after this song was recorded, the producer Mike Koenig (who sadly passed away in 2011) said to me, “Dude, I’m sweating!” That felt nice!

“About To Explode!” was an obvious choice but for some people, they wouldn’t get why (aside from it being the title track). That song was featured on a compilation cd called SHREDDING ACROSS THE WORLD VOLUME 3, through Shredguy Records. My song was featured alongside guys like Adrian English, Tracy G, and Chris Lasegue. And it gave me some nice exposure. It’s a heavy song, but not as heavy as “Schizotherapy”. Was going for more of a Loudness type vibe and well…that didn’t happen. Still a cool tune with nice time changes…gotta love that!

I am glad that some people took the liberty to download these songs and for that, I thank you! But I am all about creating new ideas, finding new tricks for an old dog like me. I may never write heavier songs like I wanted to but that’s okay. I have to write what works, and if people like that the new record has more fusion twists to it, as well as jazzy and proggy moments, then great! If not, there’s still plenty of heavier rock and metal on it to satisfy even the most jaded person.

Like me.