Yes I do study a bit of astronomy and astrology though I don’t let the latter define me. Sometimes things happen purely by chance, other times I have to go out and find what I am after.

But two things are happening very soon…

First off, I will hopefully get to record all my guitar and bass parts for the new album this Friday. If not, then perhaps the next weekend. In any case, the wheels are in motion to get this batch of songs complete and out the door. I’ve also been working on the cd cover, really getting my hands dirty, so to speak. This will be a milestone for me as I am taking care of virtually everything, with the exception of Rosario helping with producing and engineering. I will be doing that too but I would rather focus on my parts and making the songs shine.

I promise that this will be a really cool album, no other way of saying it. I felt like I hit a point after doing GO BERZERK! where I caught myself thinking “Now what do I do?” And the answer was simple: keep writing! In the past I was always concerned with “melting faces” (it started as an inside job between myself and a former bass player and some people took the bloom out of that rose…oh well) but now I am more concerned with writing quality material, or as best as I can to quality. Am I a genius writer like Jimmy Page? No. But I write songs that people seem to genuinely like, even if they don’t care for my solos. And that’s okay. I’ve always been a song person, lest others will have you believe differently.

I don’t feel this pressing need to be a balls-out heavy metal writer like I wanted to be. When I wrote “Balancing The Sun”, I took a step back and asked myself “Is this really me?” And the answer was “yes” because I got rid of the fear of “Will people hate this?” I’ve written spacey songs in the past such as “Align The Planets” from ALL WIRED UP (hence the title of this blog), as well as “Throwing Away My Skin” from GB! There are a few songs on the album that will make you bang your head and shake your ass, ¬†or whatever you are wish to do. But I know that I’ve taken more liberties on this album simply because I can. I just hope that the public enjoys the versatility like I do.

And yes, I was asked by my good friend Nik West to jam with her on Sunday September 13th! She and her band will be playing a new club in NY called Club Bonafide (owned by Richard Bona…get it?) and we chat on the phone for a while, as it had been quite some time since we conversed. Always a delight talking to her! But she asked me to jam on her cover of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” during the 8pm show and I happily obliged. She also told me to cut loose and don’t hold back even though I told her it’s HER show, not mine. This will be a lot of fun, and for those who will be there to see this…you will be blown away by Nik!

Trust me on that.