Yesterday was the 2nd annual Summer Of Love Festival at the Lyndhurst Town Park. It was called Woodstock Festival but for legal reasons, they were forced to change it. Gotta love suit-and-tie guys.

Anyway, the day itself was long and hot but overall pretty good. Started off a bit shaky with the PA system crapping out but these things happen. Lots of younger bands and solo performers, so that was nice. Good to see the youth of today into playing real instruments instead of a piece of plastic or an iPhone.

Yep, I’m old now.

The coolest part of the whole show was my daughter Emma asking if she could play a solo bass jam, since her band Soup had to back out last-minute. She got up, played a bass that belonged to the bassist in the band To The Skyline and played snippets of Pink Floyd, Coldplay, and an original Soup song. The people loved it! She felt very confident and has been buzzing about it ever since.

When it was my turn to play, I admit that I felt nervous because I wanted to play the Jimi songs justice, but also I hadn’t really “sang” in public in years (excluding when I toured Germany and was asked to do backups). Granted, I know I cannot sing, never could sing, but this was a tribute to Jimi, not me. So I, along with bassist Jimmy Donegan and drummer Tommy Irwin (both of Mary’s Basement), threw down five songs and the crowd enjoyed it. My proudest moment was doing his rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” and I did my best to be as faithful to his version as possible. I hope I did it justice…I haven’t heard the audio or seen video for it yet.

Though the heat was oppressive, the delays were a bit long in between sets, it was still a very enjoyable time. I will definitely play next year if asked.

And hopefully Emma’s band will play too.