Had rehearsal last night with the two guys from Mary’s Basement helping out and I have to be blunt, it was the most fun I had in a long time. It was very organized but loose, a lot of fun yet business was taken care of. And that’s how it should be.

In a perfect world.

I hadn’t played Jimi Hendrix songs (with the exception of “Fire” in Mary’s Basement) in years so it was literally like going back to middle school. Except my hair is longer and I didn’t get bullied. Trying to come close to sounding like Hendrix is impossible so all I did was listen to his performance at Woodstock over and over, watched clips of him and seeing how he fretted chords (I was wrong about some of them, I admit) and what pedals he used. I decided to at least pay homage and learn the material as best as I could.

And yes I will be “singing” at this show. Jimi could never sing, and neither could I, so the bar has been lowered. It’s all about having fun with this, nothing more, nothing less.

Bassist Jimmy Donegan and drummer Tommy Irwin really did their homework, and even asked me “Are we doing such-and-such part in this tune?” I said “Let’s jam, see where it goes, and clean up any mistakes along the way.” Went over the set list the first time and while there were missed cues, as to be expected, it sounded really good overall! Second time around was much better, things fell into place. But I also have to be aware that anything can happen in a live setting. So, in the spirit of Jimi, I will just jam out, and whatever happens on Saturday, that’s that.

Jammin’ for Jimi…not me.