How do I spend a gorgeous Sunday morning? Of course it starts with going for a walk to the bagel store for my family. But then what?

How about making a small acoustic video?

I was asked by my friend Rob, who runs DIGImmortal Photo in Lyndhurst, if I could come down and play something on his acoustic guitar for fun. At first, I thought “What can I do?” and then I realized I had a new song that I can promote as a “teaser” for the upcoming album. So we went to work (while having fun) and shot a clip of me playing pieces of a new song called…

You’re just going to have to wait, you nosy bastid!

It was a bit of work, playing the same piece over and over for the best take, playing with different camera angles and whatnot. I must say, the lighting was very flattering, made my hair shiny and my face less old. Or something like that. But I enjoyed doing the clip and I can’t wait for Rob to finalize everything and promote it.

And I can now say that the two musicians that will assist me at the Summer Of Peace And Love Fest (it can’t be called Woodstock anymore, long story) will be bassist Jimmy Donegan and drummer Tommy Irwin from the cover band Mary’s Basement. I play in that band too when the schedule allows, and when the opportunity for them to give me a hand doing the Hendrix tribute came up, they jumped at the chance. We will have rehearsal tomorrow and keep it loose yet make sure we don’t miss the cues. I have been carefully studying Jimi’s nuances, really want people to see that I put a lot of care into this. Hendrix is the reason why I decided to be a guitarist for life, and while I will not be anywhere close to his genius, it is a lot of fun trying. The trickiest thing for me is to forget all my crazy techniques and tricks and just play HIS licks as best as I can. Which means, no tapping, sweep picking, arpeggios…just blues and fuzz tone for miles…and I like that. And I am even going to bring only three pedals, much like what Jimi did at Woodstock: fuzz, wah, and Rotovibe. The pink beast stays home, simple as that. Again, it’s a tribute to Hendrix, not a day of Steve Bello music.

And the world breathes a sigh of relief temporarily…